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The SohoStar Red Pill®

Protecting your Constitutional rights in a digital world

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What is The Red Pill®?

The Red Pill® is a Personal Communications Server


These rights include freedom of association, freedom of  speech, freedom of the press, freedom to be secure in your effects and persons, and the privilege against self-incrimination. Inherent in these rights is the freedom from censorship, and your right to defend yourself against enemies foreign and domestic.

The Red Pill® enables direct and protected information sharing through the Fifth™ application, without exposing the content to censorship, piracy, or surveillance. Whether formal journalism or simply social posting, your content remains private, secured by the 4th Amendment.

• New, Secure Social Media Platform Called Fifth™
• Completely Private
• SCIF -Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
• No Back Door
• Highest encryption possible
• Blocks Hacking
• Blocks Analytics Tracking
• Peer-to-Peer Communications
• More Secure Than Software Solutions

What Does It Do For Me?

The Red Pill® provides privacy, security, and stops censorship.

Fifth™ is a hardware Social Media Application with all of the posting, comments, and dialog, combined with Unified Messaging (all of your email, chat, voice mail, picture sharing, etc) in one place, supported by cyber-security, connected to your social hive by encrypted Networking and stored in your home network rather than 3rd party servers.

Social Media

Fifth™ is a full Social Platform, like Facebook, MeWe, or Diaspora. You access it through your local browser to your Red Pill, or through our future Mobile app. The difference between Fifth™ and other social platforms is that all of your content is stored locally in The Red Pill® or within your network. You control who has access to your pictures, posts, or information and even the posts are protected.

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging is integrated into Fifth™ merging your address book into your friends and associates list. Unified messaging combines VoIP voicemail and videomail with your email. The Red Pill® speaks all email protocols allowing you to fetch mail from 3rd party servers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) and store it locally. Pill Users can also get a SohoStar email address.


Through two exclusive SohoStar Services: CidrPress™ and TruDns™, The Red Pill® provides domain name services and IP address threat-scoring based on collected incident history. Mail and surfing activities for example, verify every contact and page link for prior threat history including redirection, spoofing, and phishing. Combined with Nick-name routing, Fifth™ exposes and traps bad links that appear to be real.

Encrypted Networking

The Red Pill® uses our own proprietary encryption between Pills, but also speaks VPN protocols to connect to Non-Pills. Paid VPNs who have all of your location and financial data simply extend their network to you using a SSL tunnel. The Red Pill® however, provides a credential controlled content firewall which prevents access to anything you’ve restricted. SohoStar also provides VPN services through our servers.

The Red Pill® contains a SCIF

The Red Pill® contains a SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility in hardware. The SCIF is not accessible from the Internet and provides on-board battery backed up, secure storage for your records, passwords, digital wallet, personal information, medical records, content keys, and other data.

The SCIF provides Digital Rights Management (DRM), protecting content from piracy while providing authentication and verification of the author. SohoStar’s publishing service enables multiple revenue and billing models based on time, usage, outright purchase or through subscriptions. SohoStar and the SCIF enable global publishing and anti-piracy distribution to any Red Pill, which conforms legally to the DMCA. The DMCA – The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a United States copyright law to prevent piracy.

Combined with SohoStar’s publishing services, the SCIF enables a user to create and access secure property that can be shared and openly distributed without loss of property value. The technology includes the ability to maintain complete security, authentication, and ownership and provides a usage trail. The Red Pill® protects intellectual property by ensuring that encrypted content remains that way, and that Intranet-working within your home or office maintains that protection.

Your Privacy Is Important

The Red Pill® is your personal vault, so it doesn’t make sense that anyone else should have your keys except you. There are 3 pieces of data that are public: Your Pill’s ID, Your Pill’s IP address, and Your Public key. SohoStar also offers opt-in domain name services allowing others to find you if you register a SohoStar sub-domain or your own global domain. We can direct email, and web surfing from users and friends even if you don’t have a fixed IP address.


A Public Key is used for one-way encryption for things sent to you and to verify your digital signature. SohoStar uses your key when sending you updates, and other may use it when sending email, messages, or other content. If SohoStar ever accepts a message on your behalf, the contents are immediately encrypted so that even WE can’t read it.


Your IP is visible to your ISP and EVERYWHERE you visit on the Web. Because most people have dynamic addresses that change, we keep your IP address to be able to support you. You can restrict us from storing it, or share it, only with your approval to support your own domain name or if other Pills are trying to connect to you.


Every Pill has a unique ID embedded in its system. The ID is never exposed publicly. SohoStar uses the ID to find your Public Key to prepare authenticated software updates or to forward messages. The Pill-ID is not human usable, but assists when connecting to other Red Pills.


Some people will register a Domain Name for their business or organization. SohoStar also offers sub-domains (yourname.pill.zone) on our pill.zone domain. You can opt in for these extras for the general public, or restrict the lookup just to other pills. Domain Name Services for Red Pills is managed by the SohoStar TruDns™ service.

Value Proposition

The Red Pill® is intended to be a one time purchase. What you are paying for is a standalone personal server. The software (DAVID™ Operating System, and its applications) is licensed to a single Red Pill and is not available separately nor can it be transferred to a PC or phone. The hardware has consumables (battery, flash storage) however, other than extreme conditions, they should provide service for many years. The hardware has a 1 yr warranty. Software updates will always be free.

It is IMPORTANT to confirm that the security suite apps (DNS, threat scoring and Pill discovery) are inherent to the operating of The Red Pill® and there are not fees for these services.

The value proposition is about being secure in your person and effects by storing your information and communications within the Constitutional protection of your physical property. SohoStar recommends that The Red Pill® owner performs backups to a physical drive that can be placed in a secure location (such as a Bank vault box). SohoStar does not have the ability to decode the SCIF’s contents.

Every other social media application provides free service, but the infrastructure is paid for by selling user information and advertising. To put this into perspective, the largest social media company has a value of nearly $400 Billion, which supports more than 2 Billion users, worldwide. Is it fair to say that the unit value of a single user is at least $200?

What is the value of your security, privacy, and your rights on the Internet?


1. Provides the world’s first secure social media platform so all your personal information is kept out of other’s hands.

2. Prohibits censoring of content or information; guarding your first amendment rights.

3. Unifies, secures and simplifies control of all your communications whether social or business networking, reading the news or keeping in touch.

4. Allows you to group your contacts into trust levels which enables you to control who sees what.

5. Allows you to choose to keep everything local – and not in the “Cloud”. Provides for local storage of all your content on the Pill or in your home network.

6. Allows you to teach “nickname” or “pet-name routing” to your system; which means you don’t have to know your friends email addresses, just their names.

7. Protects you from malicious communications

8. Blocks hacking attempts

9. Communicates with other Red Pills when a threat has been established so everyone is standing guard against it

10. Provides authentication of all incoming information and communication so you never have to fear you are getting something other than what you requested.

11. Blocks tracking Analytics which reduces or stops advertisements compiled from your previous searches.

12. Bypasses data miners by learning where the other pills in your network hive are; because communications travel point-to-point.

13. Learns alternate paths to other Red Pills in the event of any outages or blockages.

14. Facilitates free examination of news and information in our search for truth

15. Perfect for business, providing secure networking whether to another pill or to commercial servers using standard VPN protocols.

Specification Summary

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Additional Information

Details about The Red Pill

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